Shepherd His Sheep
Kingdom Truth: What is the Kingdom of Heaven in the Bible?
Book Index

Chapter 1 Why the Kingdom is Important 
Part 1 The Kingdom is God's Purpose in Creating Man
Part 2 The Kingdom is Prophesied Through David
Part 3 The Kingdom is the Ultimate Goal of Christ's Salvation
Part 4 The Kingdom is the Theme in the Preaching of John the Baptist and Christ

Chapter 2  What is the Kingdom
Part 1 The Name of the Kingdom
Part 2 The True Meaning of the Kingdom
Part 3 The Time Periods of the Kingdom
Part 4 The Preparation of the Kingdom
Part 5 The Reason for the Initiation of the Kingdom

Chapter 3 Requirement for the Entrance into the Kingdom in Its Preparation Period
Part 1 From the Old Testament to the New Testament
Part 2 From the Objective to the Subjective

Chapter 4 The Kingdom In Hs Preparation In the Last Days
Part 1 The Church Succeeds the "Congregation" of the Old Testament
Part 2 The Church Follows the Steps of the "Congregation" of the Old Testament

Chapter 5 The Basic Requirements for Kingdom Personnel
Part 1 Kingdom Personnel
Part 2 The BasicRequirements

Chapter 6 Kingdom Personnel's Understanding of the "Self'
Part 1 Viewing the Basic Nature of Sin fromthe Old Testament History
Part 2 Viewing the Basic Nature of Sin from New Testament Theology
Part 3 Viewing the Basic Nature of Sin from the Life of Christ

Chapter 7 The Overcomers are the Kingdom Personnel
Part 1 God's Calling and Promise to the Overcomers
Part 2 The Overcomers have to be Called
Part 3 The Overcomers have to be Chosen
Part 4 The Overcomers have to be Faithful
Part 5 The Overcomers have to Fight

Chapter 8 The Character of Kingdom Personnel
Part 1 Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
Part 2 Blessed are Those Who Mourn
Part 3 Blessed are the Gentle
Part 4 Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness
Part 5 Blessed are the Merciful
Part 6 Blessed are the Pure in Heart
Part 7 Blessed are the Peacemakers
Part 8 Blessed are Those Who have been Persecuted for the Sake of Righteousness


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