Kingdom Truth - What is the Kingdom of Heaven in the Bible?
 Chapter 7, Part 4 (continued)
Overcomers have to be Faithful

B. The Practice of Faithfulness

​     It has already been mentioned that overcomers are those who are not only called but also chosen.  The chosen ones are those who are "faithful".  The faithful ones are those who will do their best no matter what the task is.  Thank God, the requirement to be an overcomer is that simple!  He did not say that to be an overcomer one has to be like Abraham, Daniel, John, Paul, etc.  If that were so, we would all be finished because we are so far behind them spirtually!  All He said to us is: "be faithful and good", i.e., do your best. This is something that everyone can do because everyone has the potential to "do one's best".  The "best' that overcomers should do are as follows:

(1) Towards God

     First, the overcomer should be faithful to God.  To be faithful to God is no easy matter!  As for nations, look at Israel. When she left Egypt and came to Mount Sinai, Jehovah appeared to them in thunder and lightning.  They begged Moses to pass on to them what Jehovah said to them and promised: "We will obey".  However, later on in the wilderness, they tempted God ten times.  When they entered into Canaan, they changed for the worse and were unfaithful to God.  They even erected idols in the temple.  So the Lord called them harlots and eventually their homes were broken and their nation destroyed!  As for individuals, look at Solomon.  He was the wisest man that ever lived and penned three thousand proverbs and one thousand and five psalms.  But he became unfaithful to God in his old age.  Finally, the kingdom was divided!  But there is One whom the Scriptures said: "He was faithful to Him who appointed Him!"  How was He faithful? The Scriptures record that He seeks only the will of the One who sent Him (John 5:30).  His words are "those that the Father taught Him" (John 8:28).  His actions are also according to the will of the One who sent Him (John 6:38).  No wonder when He prayed to God, He said: "I glorified Thee on the earth!"  Overcomers need to model their faithfulness to God after that of Jesus!

(2) Towards God's Word

     Secondly, overcomers should be faithful to the Scriptures.  On the eve of the second coming of the gracious Lord, Satan (meaning adversary) knows that his days are numbered.  He is putting up his final stubborn resistance.  He will leave no stone unturned in his effort to distance people from God's word so that the personnel for the Kingdom cannot be readied!  Since the nineteenth century, he has been using the liberals to destroy the authority of the Scriptures by nitpicking.   Since the twentieth century, he has been using some political parties to destroy the Scriptures by inhumane and cruel tactics.  Currently, he is substituting the Scriptures with tongues without people's knowledge in some off track Charismatic movements.  Since people leave room for the devil, quite a few heresies and demonic teachings have been created and many are confused.  Consequently, the complement of overcomers cannot be readied early; the Kingdom of Inheritance cannot descend early and Satan is able to hold on to His last breath!  This is his standard mode of operation in all of his deceptions!

     Faith and reliance on God's word are related as cause and effect. When people ore not faithful to God's word, their faith will be shaken or even lost!  In the Old Testament, there is an overcomer who was successful in everything he did.  It can be truly described that the moment he raised the banner, the battle was won and the moment he was on the scene, there was success.  The reason is that he obeyed, followed and meditated on God's word.  So he could "be strong and very courageous'' (Josh. 1:7).  May all overcomers be faithful to God's word more than people's words and be faithful to God's authority more than man's authority.  The reason is that only God's word is settled in heaven and His authority rules over all!  Although some passages of Scripture cannot be understood quickly using human intelligence, as long as we are willing to study thoroughly and mediate extensively, the Holy Spirit will teach us.  Gradually, we will connect and come to a comprehensive understanding.  It will light up our future and lead us to run on the road to Zion.  Praise the Lordi

(3) Towards God's Household

     Next, the overcomer should be faithful towards God's household (This household is the church of the eternal God).  The reason Moses is Moses is because he was faithful to God's household (Num.12:7).  His faithfulness even become on illustration of the faithfulness of Christ (Heb. 3:2).  He labored faithfully in the midst of murmuring until the point that he himself was willing to perish in order that the Israelites might be saved.  Such on honorable and selfless attitude in faithfulness is certainly worthy of our deepest admiration!  Today, there are many young people who are unwilling to join the church because they do not understand the importance of the church towards the training of Kingdom personnel.  At the same time, some churches are having so many problems.  They think that as long as they keep themselves pure and have some fellowship, it is enough.  This is abnormal thinking and it is from the flesh!  Please note that the church is established by the gracious Lord Himself and He has never done anything which is meaningless.  If the existence of the church is an option, He would not have said: "Upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of Hades shall not overpower it."  Such ideas of "not wanting the church" could very well come from the evil one. He attacked the Kingdom when it was being prepared in the beginning.  He attacked it with various means to extinguish the church.  He did that in the Old Testament days and also in the time of the New Testament.  In this century in particular, he has disguised himself as some political authorities and tried to destroy the church with everything and anything!  Who could know that as the attacks on the church increase, she becomes more holy, healthy and victorious.  As a result, many young people have been moved by the Holy Spirit and for the sake of the Kingdom are willing to sacrifice everything to accept the commission of the King of kings. They live a lifestyle that can "take hardship, endure poverty, suffer abuse and do good work".  They are willing to be fools for Christ and to labor for Him!  Hallelujah.  The final victory always belongs to the Lord of Victory!  May all the overcomers run quickly to follow Him!

(4) Towards God's Will

     Finally, we must be faithful "in a few things", or "in the least of things".  The training to do one's best should extend not only to heavenly things as mentioned previously but also to our daily living such as cleaning house and washing dishes,  etc. The gracious Lord desires whole and complete vessels.  He does not want "half baked" ones.  The true nature of a person is usually not seen in big events but in small things.  It is easy to pretend in big events but in small things, the true nature can easily slip out.  Also, big events are readily seen by others and it is easy to receive praises.  However, small things are difficult to catch people's attention and whatever praises people give are of little value.  Therefore, people are often lazy and use an excuse such as "let us not complicate life with more activities"!  The gracious Lord knows the deceitfulness of our flesh and He purposely wants to see our faithfulness in little things.  So He said, "He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much!"  It is well known in Chinese history that '"If a person cannot rule over a single-room household, how can he rule the empire?" What about the overcomer in the Kingdom?  Should he not go the extra mile?

     In the older generation of Chinese ministers, Mr. Ming-tao Wang is one whose moral character matches his writings.  He has lived for 90 years.  His character surpasses that of many others.  It is said that he came to know the Lord when he was a teenager. While at home, it was unavoidable that he had to help out with housework such as sweeping the floor, washing out the patio, dusting, etc.  Every time he wiped the chairs and tables, he would tum the chairs upside down and wipe the bottom of the legs!  He really understood how to train himself to "do his best" while doing housework!

     At this juncture in time, there is an urgent need for Kingdom personnel.  May all those who desire to be overcomers be willing to equip themselves by being "faithful" to the Lord in order that this Kingdom requirement can become second nature through practice. Then, "doing one's best can be lived out as desired and one will be a good and faithful servant sooner.  Then the Heavenly Father's desire in the creation of man will be fulfilled and the Kingdom of Heaven will descend quickly.   Amen.

Chapter 7, Part 4
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