Kingdom Truth - What is the Kingdom of Heaven in the Bible?

Chapter 2, Introduction
What is the Kingdom

     In the nineteen eighties, the church began to pay attention to the truth of the Kingdom. Recently, there have been large meetings which often use the name of "Kingdom" to draw crowds. This should be a happy turnabout; however, after reading the lecture notes and reports carefully, one is left in a deeper fog than before!  For instance, the conference held by the World Council of Churches in 1980 in Melbourne used the "Kingdom of Heaven" as a slogan, but was centered on social concerns as its theme. What a mix-up! They had forgotten that the social gospel of utopia was dead and buried long ago.They were trying to look for the living amongst the dead.  It was so amusing.

    Similarly, some suggested that a Christian often needs to support and join in various social reforms that are in accordance with the truth.  Society would then be a better place for all mankind to live in. Those who make such statements can be said to be naive!  Their desire is like wishing that dry twigs will bloom!  They don't know that the root of the tree are already rotten.  Some people feel that the Kingdom has already been realized but we also need to wait and hope.If it has already been realized,why does one need to wait and hope?  The Scriptures are correct in saying: "but hope that is seen is not hope"!  Some even imagine that the Kingdom of God is an after death affair - the spirit returns to the Kingdom of Heaven! All these colorful varieties of explanations of the Kingdom are either words of ignorance or an inability to see the Lord's revelation of the Kingdom. Therefore, the name, meaning, time periods and preparation of the Kingdom and the reason for its initiation are discussed as follows.

Chapter 2, Intro
Shepherd His Sheep