Kingdom Truth - The Secret of Church Growth


​     The Church, according to God's design, should exercise leadership in the world; she should be "the leader, rather than the follower" and "on the top, rather than at the bottom" of society. But, in reality, the Church today is the exact opposite of
that purpose. She is not only incapable of leading - society, but is also eager to follow each and every one of its worldly trends. Of course, she can never catch up with this world and has, therefore, often
become an object of scorn in the world. It is sad indeed!

     Christians of all ages have sincerely desired growth in God's Church. In the 1970s and 1980s especially, the call for church growth resounded throughout the whole world. Movements of church growth received enthusiastic response everywhere. However, substantial church growth remains remote!

     The law of causality dictates that everything has its cause and effect - no effect can exist apart from its cause, and no cause can exist apart from its effect. Perhaps, the present state of the Church is a result of her being apart from her "cause"! This book is an attempt to search for her "cause." It is hoped that on the eve of our Lord's second coming His Church can rediscover the "cause" of church growth, that the "effect'' of growth may be in full blossom everywhere.

     The conditions required for church growth and God's presence are, of course, far more than those mentioned in this book, but, in this space age where simplicity and time are of top priority, the seven chapters of this book may have already been too complicated and too long.

     A person's conscientiousness in his work and the achievements in his career are often in direct proportion. Likewise, especially in the ministry of church growth, we should never be sidetracked from the core of the matter by dwelling on minor points (selected according to our own liking), but should ceaselessly seek God's presence. We have to forsake, repudiate and break through anything that impedes God's presence, regardless of the seriousness of its damage and the power of its resistance. On the other hand, we must try our best to pursue, execute and lay down ourselves for any condition that brings forth God's presence, regardless of the cost and sacrifice. Then, the God of peace Himself will surely be with the Church, and He will help her carry out the Great Commission with which He has entrusted her.

"Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!"

Shepherd His Sheep